Tooth Coloured Restorations

coloured restorations

What Are Tooth Coloured Restorations?

White tooth coloured restorations (also known as fillings) are often used to replace tooth structure that has been lost due to decay or damage. These are made from tooth-coloured dental resin and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your tooth so that they are not. Our dentist at Prudential Dental uses a tooth coloured restoration, when a cavity needs to be treated, Call us to avail of our services today!

When Do I Need a Filling?

You may need a filling if:

  • You have some soreness in your teeth
  • You have some sensitivity to cold drinks and foods
  • You experience sensitivity when brushing your teeth
  • There is decay which has caused a cavity in your teeth
  • Your teeth have chipped, cracked or been worn down

Tooth coloured fillings can also be used to replace existing silver fillings you may have, if you wish to improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

In our examinations we examine the tooth both visually and with x-rays to screen for any signs of decay and damage. We aim to identify these lesions when small, so that we can protect as much of your tooth structure as possible, and be minimally-invasive with our treatment.

Are There Alternatives To Fillings?

If the damage to your teeth is too extensive or if a cavity is too large, a crown may be more suitable.

If decay or damage has extended too far down your tooth, root canal therapy may be needed

In severe cases, damage and decay that is too extensive may mean that the tooth in question might need to be removed. At Prudential Dental Clinic, we aim to use the most conservative treatments available, and will do everything we can to save your teeth where possible. 

If you think you may need a filling, contact our team for more information. 

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