Dr Kan Ravi

dr kan ravi

About Dr Kan Ravi

Dr Kan Ravi is our Principal Dentist here at Prudential Dental Clinic with almost 30 years of experience in clinical dentistry and patient care. He graduated from the prestigious dental program from the University of Otago in 1992. Ever since, his philosophy has been to provide quality dentistry and patient care the world.

Dr Ravi has owned his own practice since 2001. It was then that he came up with the name “Prudential Dental Clinic” which resonated with his philosophy.

Why Choose Dr Kan Ravi?

Dr Ravi sees dentistry as not just a profession but a calling as it channels creativity with a hands on approach to healthcare. A consultation with Dr. Ravi allows you to discuss your needs, concerns and desires in a comfortable environment. Hence, it is his mission to create the ultimate stress-free dental experience. As a trusted and experienced dentist, his excellent clinical skills and thorough approach guarantees an exceptional outcome every time. Dr Ravi is skilled in general and cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, he is able to offer a wide range of services from whitening to dental implants.

Prudential Dental Clinic has two convenient central Sydney locations in the CBD and Inner West. However, many lifelong patients have travelled from outside of Sydney to access Dr Ravi’s unparalleled skill and personalised care. Dr Ravi values building meaningful connections with his patient base to guide them through the life-long pursuit of oral health.

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Beyond Prudential Dental

Beyond his efforts at Prudential Dental, for the past 10 years Dr Ravi has also been doing volunteer work in India, Sri Lanka and Fiji. He aims to provide dental services to local communities who would otherwise not have access to oral healthcare. As a result, he has spread his philosophy of dentistry for all around the world.

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If you wish to to book an appointment with Dr Ravi, please call us at (02) 9233 7515, email us at prudentialdentist@gmail.com, or book online.