Dr Gautam Ravi

dr gautam ravi

About Dr Gautam Ravi

Dr Gautam Ravi is a general dentist who joined Prudential Dental Clinic in 2020 with a view to provide unparalleled dental care to his local community. Dr Ravi graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and a Master of Dentistry with commendation for academic excellence. Dr Ravi also was involved in research while finishing his Masters, publishing a paper within the field of paediatric dentistry.

Why Choose Dr Gautam Ravi?

Dr Ravi was committed to becoming a dentist from an early age, and as a born and bred Sydney local he sought to service the oral health needs of his community following his accreditation. Dr Ravi has ample experience in the capacity of a student dentist in public health clinics, achieving incredible results and academic distinctions for his work. He also has experience with rural and overseas practice as a student dentist and understands how to cater to the unique need of every patient.

Upon joining the team at Prudential Dental Clinic, Dr Ravi has brought a fresh perspective and a great enthusiasm for quality dentistry and patient care.

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If you wish to to book an appointment with Dr Ravi, please call us at (02) 9233 7515, email us at prudentialdentist@gmail.com, or book online.